Percentage of Windows users on XP

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Mon Jul 30 18:18:41 UTC 2018

Matt Harris wrote on 2018-07-30 5:42 AM:
> On 30-Jul-18 1:21 PM, Chris Ilias wrote:
>> Does anyone know the percentage of Windows Thunderbird users on 
>> Windows XP? There's a draft support article about EOL for Thunderbird 
>> on Windows XP and Vista 
>> <>, 
>> but I wonder if a separate article is needed. I asked for visitor 
>> numbers 
>> <>, but 
>> haven't heard back.
> There is a draft article,  because I wrote it.  I wrote it because 
> Thunderbird 60 is EOL XP and Vista.  Just as there is a draft what is 
> new for TB60.  Is visitors numbers to any Mozilla web site all that 
> relevant here.  I would argue not.  XP users have changed little for a 
> long time.  That is why they are using XP.  So when they do not get an 
> update, they might be prompted to go looking. Until then they will be 
> working on "it ain't broke".  They might also download the current 
> version and try and install it.  Then go looking for answers.
> I wrote the article because I think it behoves up to explain the 
> situation, explain what is the last version of Thunderbird they can 
> use and poke them to update their operating system.  I do not think I 
> have done all of that in the draft document,  but saying nothing is 
> not acceptable in my opinion.  Whilst I do not have updated figures 12 
> months ago XP and vista 
> <> 
> usage still amounted to around 14% of computers,  so it still exceeded 
> the combined usage of OSX and Linux almost by a factor of three (5%).

Hi Matt,
I understand why the article was created. :) I just want to evaluate 
whether creating a separate article is the best method of support to 
inform XP users, and it's important to have data. After all, I was 
surprised to read that there are so many more Linux users visiting 
Thunderbird Support than Mac users. That has certainly helped determine 
which screenshots are needed more.

I also don't think that this is a discussion for tb-planning, but I 
don't want anyone with access to that data to be discouraged from 
posting it. It's still useful to have.

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