Percentage of Windows users on XP

Matt Harris at
Mon Jul 30 09:42:23 UTC 2018

On 30-Jul-18 1:21 PM, Chris Ilias wrote:
> Does anyone know the percentage of Windows Thunderbird users on 
> Windows XP? There's a draft support article about EOL for Thunderbird 
> on Windows XP and Vista 
> <>, 
> but I wonder if a separate article is needed. I asked for visitor 
> numbers 
> <>, but 
> haven't heard back.

There is a draft article,  because I wrote it.  I wrote it because 
Thunderbird 60 is EOL XP and Vista.  Just as there is a draft what is 
new for TB60.  Is visitors numbers to any Mozilla web site all that 
relevant here.  I would argue not.  XP users have changed little for a 
long time.  That is why they are using XP.  So when they do not get an 
update, they might be prompted to go looking. Until then they will be 
working on "it ain't broke".  They might also download the current 
version and try and install it.  Then go looking for answers.

I wrote the article because I think it behoves up to explain the 
situation, explain what is the last version of Thunderbird they can use 
and poke them to update their operating system.  I do not think I have 
done all of that in the draft document,  but saying nothing is not 
acceptable in my opinion.  Whilst I do not have updated figures 12 
months ago XP and vista 
usage still amounted to around 14% of computers,  so it still exceeded 
the combined usage of OSX and Linux almost by a factor of three (5%).

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