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Sun Jul 22 20:41:48 UTC 2018

I don't know what the policy is, but it seems to me an author should 
either list a legit support website or legit support email.

And if it is desired that reviews not be used to report issues (that is 
what I have always read), then setting support website to add-ons 
website not be allowed.

On 7/22/2018 3:32 PM, Onno Ekker wrote:
> I wouldn't know why many add-on authors would have links in their 
> add-ons pointing to amo. Maybe on the add-on homepage, but you don't 
> have to release a new add-on version to update you website…
> Onno
> On 7/22/2018 6:44 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
>> Wayne can you mention to all Add-on authors that it's time now to 
>> update any links from <> 
>> to <> while preparing for Tb60 
>> compatibility. I plan to release new versions of my Addons reflecting 
>> this within the next f ort night.
>> Axel
>> (Sent from mobile phone on my holidays)
>> On Sun 22 Jul 2018, 00:33 Wayne Mery <vseerror at 
>> <mailto:vseerror at>> wrote:
>>     Version 60 has been in beta for many months, with about 70,000
>>     users.  Unfortunately a few more tweaks are still needed, so we
>>     have not yet released but we do want to get beyond the beta.  So
>>     this email is to announce a preview candidate that we hope you
>>     will try.  It has a nice (draft) list of improvements
>>     <>,
>>     *plus other information that you should fully read before
>>     continuing, so that you know about major issues and changes.*
>>     Most notable is some add-ons might not work unless it has been
>>     updated by the author.  Note also the following OS are NOT
>>     supported: XP, Vista, macOS 10.8 and older
>>     As with any major update, you should first back up your profile
>>     data directory
>>     <>.
>>     v60 candidate [1]
>>     <#m_7069589898020768403_1_Version_60_candidate_downloads>, will
>>     automatically receive the official release when it becomes
>>     available, but not future _candidates_ if there are any.  You may
>>     of course download and install the current version 52
>>     <> at any time.
>>     We encourage you to report problems and issues, and ask questions
>>     in the following ways:
>>       * If you have a question or an issue that needs advice, post at
>>         support
>>         <> with
>>         a clear description, and mention your version.
>>       * If a problem reproduces in safe mode
>>         <> please
>>         file a bug report in bugzilla
>>         <>,
>>         state your version and whether problem happens in the prior
>>         version.
>>       * If problem does *not *reproduce in safe mode
>>         <>,
>>         please determine which add-on is causing the problem and file
>>         a support request with the author of the add-on, which you
>>         can find on the add-ons website
>>         <>.  (do not
>>         report problems by posting a review)
>>       * If Thunderbird crashes please comment in the crash report and
>>         include your email address so that we may contact you if needed
>>       * If you encounter issues with the add-ons website
>>         <>, please report
>>         it at or in the
>>         etherpad
>>     You can follow bug and other issue reports in the following ways:
>>       * An etherpad tracking preview issues
>>         <>,
>>         and please comment in the pad (no login required) if you
>>         encounter an issue not reported in Thunderbird support or
>>         bugzilla, especially add-on issues.
>>       * A partial list of bugs found during version 60 beta testing
>>         <>, which
>>         you can follow or subscribe to with a bugzilla account.
>>       * A larger list of recent open bug reports
>>         <>.
>>     Thank you for helping make Thunderbird 60 better!
>>     *[1] Version 60 candidate downloads* (English): win32
>>     <>,
>>     win64
>>     <>,
>>     mac
>>     <>,
>>     linux64
>>     <>>     NOTE: win64 is not yet officially released, nor will it be
>>     featured on the Thunderbird website until it is officially
>>     released. And there is no guarantee the unofficial 64bit download
>>     will automatically update to a newer version.  However, you may
>>     file bug reports and ask for assistance.
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