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Wayne Mery vseerror at
Sat Jul 21 22:32:58 UTC 2018

Version 60 has been in beta for many months, with about 70,000 users.  
Unfortunately a few more tweaks are still needed, so we have not yet 
released but we do want to get beyond the beta.  So this email is to 
announce a preview candidate that we hope you will try.  It has a nice 
(draft) list of improvements 
*plus other information that you should fully read before continuing, so 
that you know about major issues and changes.* Most notable is some 
add-ons might not work unless it has been updated by the author.  Note 
also the following OS are NOT supported: XP, Vista, macOS 10.8 and older

As with any major update, you should first back up your profile data 
v60 candidate [1] <#1_Version_60_candidate_downloads>, will 
automatically receive the official release when it becomes available, 
but not future _candidates_ if there are any. You may of course download 
and install the current version 52 
<> at any time.

We encourage you to report problems and issues, and ask questions in the 
following ways:

  * If you have a question or an issue that needs advice, post at
    support <> with
    a clear description, and mention your version.
  * If a problem reproduces in safe mode
    <> please file a
    bug report in bugzilla
    state your version and whether problem happens in the prior version.
  * If problem does *not *reproduce in safe mode
    <>, please
    determine which add-on is causing the problem and file a support
    request with the author of the add-on, which you can find on the
    add-ons website <>.  (do
    not report problems by posting a review)
  * If Thunderbird crashes please comment in the crash report and
    include your email address so that we may contact you if needed
  * If you encounter issues with the add-ons website
    <>, please report it at or in the etherpad

You can follow bug and other issue reports in the following ways:

  * An etherpad tracking preview issues
    and please comment in the pad (no login required) if you encounter
    an issue not reported in Thunderbird support or bugzilla, especially
    add-on issues.
  * A partial list of bugs found during version 60 beta testing
    <>, which you
    can follow or subscribe to with a bugzilla account.
  * A larger list of recent open bug reports <>.

Thank you for helping make Thunderbird 60 better!

*[1] Version 60 candidate downloads* (English): win32 
NOTE: win64 is not yet officially released, nor will it be featured on 
the Thunderbird website until it is officially released. And there is no 
guarantee the unofficial 64bit download will automatically update to a 
newer version.  However, you may file bug reports and ask for assistance.

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