Running (any)_ Add-ons in Thunderbird Daily

Geoff Lankow geoff at
Sat Jul 14 04:10:30 UTC 2018

Hi Axel

You should be able to get things working again by replacing the 
install.rdf file with a WebExtensions style manifest.json file, which 
includes the key "legacy" set to true.

There's been a mountain of work by a number of people to get things to 
work like they did before, or as close as possible. I have a stack of 
about 6 or 7 patches waiting to land which should make things better in 
a lot of cases. I'm awaiting one final review, so it should be landing 
any day now. Probably best to wait until that happens.


On 14/07/18 08:20, Axel Grude wrote:
> Garrafrauns, 13 July 2018 21:14:20
> Hi,
> I was just asked about whether my Add-ons would run in Thunderbird 
> Daily (they don't) - so I updated to Tb63... the good news is that 
> literally all Add-ons don't run (not just my ones) except for a 
> bootstrapped one. I believe Fallen mentioned there may be a temporary 
> back door / hack to make them work. Could somebody point mee to somee 
> resources to write some proof of concept code? My 100,000 users would 
> be thankful if they knew I was working on future proofing their 
> Extensions.
> I also mentioned to Ryan Sypes that we should have a weekly (or 
> bi-weekly) hangout with Thunderbird ADd-on developers to discuss next 
> steps regarding writing APIs for transitioning our Add-ons to 
> (whatever it is that's going to replace XPCOM) / (Insert your 
> technology of choice) / (Web Extensions??????). There is only 
> uncertainty left at the moment, so we badly need an action plan from 
> the Thunderbird leadership. Don't want to wait until the next ESR and 
> just "pull the plug".
> Completely rewriting our Add-ons will likely take months, and that's 
> on top of creating the new extension environment (APIs etc.).
> thanks in advance,
>   Axel
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