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Garrafrauns, 13 July 2018 21:14:20


I was just asked about whether my Add-ons would run in Thunderbird Daily (they don't) 
- so I updated to Tb63... the good news is that literally all Add-ons don't run (not 
just my ones) except for a bootstrapped one. I believe Fallen mentioned there may be a 
temporary back door / hack to make them work. Could somebody point mee to somee 
resources to write some proof of concept code? My 100,000 users would be thankful if 
they knew I was working on future proofing their Extensions.

I also mentioned to Ryan Sypes that we should have a weekly (or bi-weekly) hangout 
with Thunderbird ADd-on developers to discuss next steps regarding writing APIs for 
transitioning our Add-ons to (whatever it is that's going to replace XPCOM) / (Insert 
your technology of choice) / (Web Extensions??????). There is only uncertainty left at 
the moment, so we badly need an action plan from the Thunderbird leadership. Don't 
want to wait until the next ESR and just "pull the plug".

Completely rewriting our Add-ons will likely take months, and that's on top of 
creating the new extension environment (APIs etc.).

thanks in advance,

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