beta profile compatible with stable TB?, beta testing instructions, Moz. discourse for test results

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You still haven't posted a link to your support topic.

On 6/24/2018 4:34 AM, opto at wrote:
> 1) Profile: Updating 60b2 to 60b8 via help->... switched my main TB in another WIN 10 user account from most current stable (52.8?) to 60b8.
> The original installation of 60b2 in the second Win 10 user left the TB in the main (admin) user account untouched.
> How do I go back from 60b8 to stable TB?
Just install a different version.  Or run a different version of 
Thunderbird from a different program install directory.

> Will that accept the profile of the 60b8 version, or does the beta change the profile?
> I have an older backup and could copy over email folders, sqlite databases ...  and what else? calendar data?, address books?
> I asked in support but the answer is based on having a most recent backup, which I don't (I was testing with a dev profile in another user account so I took a 'shortcut'). It is IMAP, but reinstallation/redownloading looses my tags and calnedar and AB etc.
You don't need to do anything special with your profile.  It is 
extremely rare that it is not backward compatible. That said, many 
people prefer to use a separate profile for their testing

> 2) beta testing instructions: The posts here and in support point to the website where the beta can be downloaded. It might be helpful to give some installation instructions there. Most beta testers will already be TB users, so they all have the problem of where to install the beta. Need it be another computer, a virtual machine? On second thought, I am not sure whether the original problem is my fault: can two Windows users install different versions of the same program in different user accounts? In any case, if my fault, it would be good to protect others from making the same mistake by giving some instructions.
If you have installed Thunderbird on Windows, you have seen it allows 
for custom install.

> 3) beta testing reporting: the website proposes to use discourse. Discourse has a 'bug': if github login is chosen, it requests to set github to 2FA. If I decide not to do that, all other auth methods are refused (because github is my most secure option to login). So I am either forced to generally set 2FA in another application (that crosses a line) or locked out of discourse.
> They know and detailed info from other users and their team is in:
> but no solution yet.
> Do beta testing results need 2FA, is discourse the right place to collect these results?
We can't help with discourse issues here in Thunderbird-land. You'll 
have to sort that out with the discourse people.  That said, discourse 
is still the preferred venue for beta discussion.

> 4) This probably is not be the right forum for the first question, but in 'support' it didn't get a hint how to go forward yet and here are the most people with the expertise to answer.
> Any help is appreciated,
> Klaus

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