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Wed Jan 31 18:09:55 UTC 2018

Dear Thunderbird community,

the Thunderbird project currently does not have a clearly defined, 
written project manifest or vision in the form as the Mozilla Manifesto 
<>. It would be good to 
have something like it, but more concrete for Thunderbird. We appreciate 
Thunderbird for specific qualities that it has, and I think many of our 
reasons will overlap, but we never really defined it.

We're kind-of at a cross-roads point with the project right now, and it 
would be useful to have it written and clearly defined, so that we can 
make sure the future strategy and developments maintain these core 

So, I would like to start an informal survey about what about 
Thunderbird is important for *you*, personally. Why are you here, why do 
*you like* Thunderbird so much?

Also, I'd like to know where you see Thunderbird in, let's say, 10 years.

So, my two questions for you would be:

 1. What specific qualities do you like about Thunderbird?
 2. Where do you see Thunderbird in 10 years?

It would be useful for you to give both keywords (to classify) and a 
1-line answer to know what you mean with that (because people mean 
different things with "security", or there's a specific use case where 
"performance" is important for you).

Here's an example answer for the kind of answers would be helpful:

1. What specific qualities do you like about Thunderbird?

  * Privacy is important for me. I use Thunderbird, because I don't want
    to keep all data on central servers.
    Keywords: Privacy, decentralization, local processing
  * I want to keep my emails on my computer, so that I know I keep
    access to it, even if I don't have Internet, or even if I change
    applications, I want to know to be able to store my emails locally
    in a standard format.
    Keywords: local storage, standards
  * I get 150 emails every day. Thunderbird filters help to keep on top
    of them. It's also fast to open and read and move emails into folders.
    Keywords: Filters, UI, speed
  * I have mailboxes with 30000 emails. Thunderbird allows to me easily
    access them
    Keywords: Speed, large mailboxes
  * Security: I think Thunderbird does not have many security holes, and
    I trust the project to quickly fix and properly any issues that
    become known, not just paper over them.
  * Encryption: I want to use PGP, and that makes no sense in webmail.

2. Where do you see Thunderbird in 10 years?

  * I want Thunderbird on my Android phone
  * I want to use WhatsApp from Thunderbird
  * I want to share pictures with my friends easily and hassle-free, and
    allow them to send me pictures and videos

Once we have a good sample of responses from the community, we can try 
to build a common picture. We should also reach out to a larger group of 
end users.


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