Resignation from Thunderbird Council

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Jan 30 02:05:05 UTC 2018

Hello Thunderbird community,

thank you for your trust and having elected me as member of the 
Thunderbird Council.

You are probably not aware of it, because it happens on a closed mailing 
list, but the TB Council has been actively discussing in the last year. 
I have almost 3000 messages just for Council matters in less than one 
year, that's 10 messages per day.

Oftentimes, I have spent more time for Thunderbird Council discussions 
than I have spent on my day job. As you can probably understand, this 
has been a huge drain on me and is not a situation that is sustainable 
for me. This has greatly contributed to my decision to resign.

The other reason is that we have not actually made progress in the areas 
that were most important to me and why I joined the Council in the first 
place. To tell everybody which direction I think we need to take, I 
posted a small excerpt of some motions that I presented before the 
Council. I do not include the results or responses, because I speak for 
myself only.

Here's what I consider the most important and immediate needs for the 
Thunderbird project and Council:

 1. Start Thunderbird: Next Generation
    <> project - to
    have a base for the next 20 years
 2. Create a legal entity for Thunderbird - to operate more swiftly
 3. Ensure that the Council work is open, transparent, and following
    wishes of end users

I do hope, however, that *somebody else* can pick up and help 
Thunderbird go into the future. Part of why I post this now is to allow 
others to contemplate this before the Council election, which will 
happen soon. There should be some open spots in the next council, so if 
you want to shape the long-term future of Thunderbird, and have a vision 
for it and the action to back it up, now's the time to engage. The 
issues are even more pressing now than a year ago. We need people who 
have ideas, take initiative and propose practical solutions, which they 
are ready to also make a reality themselves.

My resignation will be effective at the latest after the new council has 
been elected, but likely much earlier, possibly already at the end of 
this week, Feb 4. I haven't entirely decided yet.

I am really sorry about this, and I feel I let the project down, but I 
think it's the best course of action at this moment.


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