Vision for Thunderbird

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Feb 2 11:42:04 UTC 2018

On 01/02/18 17:21, R Kent James wrote:
> It seems to me an odd argument, that because people like webmail we
> should not try to provide a webmail offering.

If a startup came to me and said:

* We have a mail app with an old codebase which needs updating.
* We'd like to turn it into:
  * A modern desktop mail app that compares well to Outlook
  * An Android mail client that compares well to K9
  * An iOS mail client that compares well to Apple Mail
  * A webmail solution that compares well to Gmail

I would ask them "And how many hundreds of millions of dollars do you
have, then?"

There is no shame in not moving into another market segment because that
segment is already well-served and it would be difficult to compete
there. Thunderbird is the primary open source offering in its current
market but has a number of issues which need addressing. I suggest that
addressing those will already take more resources than the TB community
has right now.

There is rather more to producing good Android, iOS and Web software
than "well, we wrote most of our codebase in HTML and JS".


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