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Ben Bucksch wrote on 07.12.18 05:52:
> Let's rename "WebExtensions" to "MailExtensions" and "WebExperiments" 
> to "Addon API Experiments".
> See below:
>> I think WebExperiments are a also great opportunity for grass-roots 
>> action.
>>  1. Individual addon developers can implement an API that they are
>>     lacking, and use it immediately in their addon, without waiting
>>     for Thunderbird.
>>  2. Then, they can generalize the API, make it generic for other
>>     addons to use
>>  3. They can propose the API for inclusion, and seasoned developers
>>     can look over the API, improve it. (This step is important to
>>     keep the public APIs consistent, generic, stable, and of high
>>     quality.)
>>  4. It's included in Thunderbird
> All addon authors: This is your call to action!
> Go and try to implement your addon as MailExtension. You will miss 
> APIs left and right, everywhere. But with "Addon API Experiments", you 
> have all the access that you have from a normal restartless XPCOM 
> addon (without XUL), and you can implement the APIs you need. Then, 
> proceed with the steps outlined above, and other addon developers can 
> benefit from it, and Thunderbird will start to develop a stable (!) 
> API surface for addons.
> With stable addon APIs, the "my addon stopped working after upgrade" 
> should gradually stop as well.
> Please don't expect somebody else to do it for you. The TB Council or 
> Core devs are too busy keeping Thunderbird running. This is now up for 
> the addon developers to do, bottom up, grass roots fashion. Get your 
> hands dirty and help!
> FWIW, that's what we did with Owl 
> <>, too.

I forgot to link the few existing APIs 
<> that 
already do exist.

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