Thunderbird usage creeps up to new record

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Wed Nov 29 20:12:25 UTC 2017

Am 29.11.17 um 19:25 schrieb R Kent James:
> Checking the usage report today, I see that Thunderbird reached what I
> believe is a new record in number of users yesterday Nov 27, 2017 (as
> measured by ADI, the daily hits to the blocklist update). Typically we
> estimate actual monthly users by 2.5 times this number since the ADI
> count misses many classes of users.
> Yesterday our ADI was 10,466,006 putting out estimated monthly users
> at 26 million.
> Here's a graph by country (which may not survive the listserve):
> I don't mean to imply that our usage is increasing dramatically, the
> typical peak ADI has been around 10,000,000 for several years. But it
> is certainly not declining, and if anything is slowly drifting upward.
> :rkent
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Thanks for sharing. This is indeed nice. But I'm wondering about the
interesting curve shape. Why is there this sawtooth like up and down?

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