Re: p≡p foundation and Enigmail

Damiano Boppart damiano at
Sun Nov 26 13:50:37 UTC 2017

On 24.11.17 23:04, Joshua Cranmer 🐧 wrote:
> So, if I understand it right, this means we're farming work out to
> another process that's running a library that's using another application?

> Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler
  - by Roger Sessions, who attributed it to Albert Einstein

As far as Thunderbird or Enigmail is concerned, there is just a REST API
made available by a process running locally as the same user as TB.

On the pEp side, the split into a "process that's running a library", as
you put it, was made to have the part of pEp that's common between all
pEp-supporting applications be one code base. All the abstractions and
models that pEp uses for messaging and encryption are present in the
engine. The adapters, like the pEp JSON server adapter, are true to
their name: they adapt the facilities of the pEp engine into a specific
software ecosystem of a platform, nothing more. The Android app uses a
JNI adapter with the engine, the Outlook plugin uses the COM Server
Adapter with the engine, and so on. But the "business logic" of pEp is
in the engine, so it only has to be implemented once across all pEp

As far as using another "application" is concerned, yes and no. We
interface with GnuPG through the library GPGME. But, the API of GPGME
depends not only on the version of GPGME, but also on the version of
GPG. Being a bit imprecise here, I say that "we depend on GPGME and GPG"
for short. GPGME is by the same developers as GPG, though not all
third-party distributions (e.g. such as GPG4WIN or GPG Tools) include GPGME.


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