Are most of the existing add-ons being sacrificed due to adding support for WebExtension?

Tony Mechelynck antoine.mechelynck at
Wed Nov 22 20:47:30 UTC 2017

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Richard Marti <richard.marti at> wrote:
> On 22.11.2017 18:16, neandr wrote:
>> No dissent with me. All I asked for is expressed with your last sentence.
>> And -- also I asked on #devmail -- what is the correct uri to always
>> monitor the very last valid daily version. Maybe I missed that
>> elsewhere, so sorry asking once more. Jörg, maybe you can post that, please.
> Daily is:
> <>
> You have to scroll down because the latest 58.0a1 isn't automatically
> removed.
> Richard

Yes, and for people who want to update more often than daily, or if
someday (we all hope not) there is a breakage just when Daily was
being built, there are "hourly" builds which can be found by browsing
to then
one of the comm-central-* subdirectories according to your platform,
and then the latest (i.e. bottommost) numbered subdirectory of that
(there is a new one for every new build, even for failed ones IIUC but
in the latter case all there is is a build log). *A word of caution* :
the Breakpoint/Socorro crash reporting system usually has no symbols
for these hourlies so if you want to be able to give a meaningful
stack traceback in case of a crash, you should download not only the
archive or installer for the executable but also the corresponding
* and/or *,
and possibly also a couple of .json and .txt files, and then be ready
to build a traceback by hand if necessary, from the hex addresses
given by Socorro. It is possible, but just barely, for someone with no
fear of painstaking jobs and with a little understanding of how to
reconcile a list of hex addresses with a symbols map, so if you can
lay hands on a Daily don't use these hourlies other than for exercise
in hex reading (which is a dreary task if I know one), or for a quick
VERIFY (in advance of "tomorrow's" Daily) of a bug RESOLVED FIXED, in
which case you should of course make sure to get a build which was
started after the fix was landed.

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