Are most of the existing add-ons being sacrificed due to adding support for WebExtension?

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed Nov 22 16:53:48 UTC 2017

I agree both with Eric's outrage, and Jörg's explanation of the matter. 
It's a pity, but it's coming from upstream. There's not much we can do 
about it. That said, there is something:

Jörg Knobloch wrote on 22.11.17 07:36:
> The only alternative to following the interface changes is to fork a 
> version where most add-ons still work.

There are other options. We can maintain a slightly modified version of 
Mozilla that undoes (reverts) the breaking changes. However, each time 
we update (that is, daily), and Mozilla changes the same code places, we 
break and need to adapt the changes. That's work. The bigger our 
changes, the more work it is.

So, it's a trade-off. There are some breaking upstream changes that we 
can easily undo, and that will save work for many addon authors, and I 
think that can be a good idea. Then, there are other changes that will 
require substantial maintenance on our side, but affects only few 
addons. There, the addon authors need to update. It's a balance act and 
each case needs to be decided individually.


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