Re: p≡p foundation and Enigmail

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Nov 22 10:55:18 UTC 2017

The pEp Engine is a shared library written in C; the adapters link to
the library. The Enigmail adapter for pEp is an C++ executable that
works like a daemon (started per user), and is accessible via a local
TCP-socket (with some security measures to ensure that the server cannot
be used by other users). We use a JSON-REST API to access it.

Enigmail will not bundle pEp, but will download it if needed/requested.
The crypto work in pEp is done by gpg.


On 22.11.17 11:46, Aceman wrote:
> Hi.
> Wait, what pEp binaries? I think binary addon components do not work in the Mozilla platform for some time.
> Will Enigmail bundle some executable files that will be called by the addon? Similarly how Enigmail calls gnupg ?
> If even the "adapters" (for JavaScript?) are binaries, in what form is the "Engine"?
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>> Dátum: 22.11.2017 08:39
>> Predmet: Re: p≡p foundation and Enigmail
>> Concerning Enigmail, I completed the implementation of all pEp
>> functionality in July/August; it will be available in the next major
>> release of Enigmail.
>> The pEp concept is to have an Engine that does all the work, and
>> Adapters for the various front-ends/programming languages. I'm still
>> waiting for pEp to produce binaris of the Enigmail Adapter for all
>> platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) and to resolve a few issues concerning
>> the adapter -- which may lead to some minor changes in Enigmail. I
>> cannot judge whether or not the pEp Engine is ready for a release, my
>> impression is that it's not yet.
>> The way it is implemented, Enigmail can be run with and without pEp. I
>> will certainly have to release a new version of Enigmail for TB 59;
>> whether or not pEp will be ready from day 1 or in a later minor upgrade
>> is yet unclear.
>> -Patrick
>> On 21.11.17 20:46, Magnus Melin wrote:
>>> Like you wrote, further discussion was delayed until there is a working
>>> pEp add-on generally available.
>>> There's not been much or any communication from the pEp team for a many
>>> months.
>>> I for one would also be interested to know if there's progress on
>>> finalizing the add-on.
>>>  -Magnus
>>> On 20-11-2017 18:05, Eric Moore wrote:
>>>> What happened to the joint development efforts with the p≡p
>>>> foundation? I thought further discussion was being delayed until a new
>>>> home was chosen (done) and a beta of a Enigmail release that supports
>>>> p≡p was available. There doesn't appear to be any version of a
>>>> Enigmail release that supports p≡p after over 2 years.
>>>> states
>>>> that Enigmail was  partnering with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) for a
>>>> release in December 2015. states
>>>> "Enigmail/p≡p will be available in the summer 2017. These first
>>>> releases will encrypt and verify email only and a follow on release
>>>> which includes anonymization and messaging will be available later in
>>>> 2017/2018."
>>>> Was this deliberately put on the back burner until more progress was
>>>> made about Thunderbird++?

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