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Wait, what pEp binaries? I think binary addon components do not work in the Mozilla platform for some time.
Will Enigmail bundle some executable files that will be called by the addon? Similarly how Enigmail calls gnupg ?
If even the "adapters" (for JavaScript?) are binaries, in what form is the "Engine"?

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> Dátum: 22.11.2017 08:39
> Predmet: Re: p≡p foundation and Enigmail
>Concerning Enigmail, I completed the implementation of all pEp
>functionality in July/August; it will be available in the next major
>release of Enigmail.
>The pEp concept is to have an Engine that does all the work, and
>Adapters for the various front-ends/programming languages. I'm still
>waiting for pEp to produce binaris of the Enigmail Adapter for all
>platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) and to resolve a few issues concerning
>the adapter -- which may lead to some minor changes in Enigmail. I
>cannot judge whether or not the pEp Engine is ready for a release, my
>impression is that it's not yet.
>The way it is implemented, Enigmail can be run with and without pEp. I
>will certainly have to release a new version of Enigmail for TB 59;
>whether or not pEp will be ready from day 1 or in a later minor upgrade
>is yet unclear.
>On 21.11.17 20:46, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> Like you wrote, further discussion was delayed until there is a working
>> pEp add-on generally available.
>> There's not been much or any communication from the pEp team for a many
>> months.
>> I for one would also be interested to know if there's progress on
>> finalizing the add-on.
>>  -Magnus
>> On 20-11-2017 18:05, Eric Moore wrote:
>>> What happened to the joint development efforts with the p≡p
>>> foundation? I thought further discussion was being delayed until a new
>>> home was chosen (done) and a beta of a Enigmail release that supports
>>> p≡p was available. There doesn't appear to be any version of a
>>> Enigmail release that supports p≡p after over 2 years.
>>> states
>>> that Enigmail was  partnering with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) for a
>>> release in December 2015. states
>>> "Enigmail/p≡p will be available in the summer 2017. These first
>>> releases will encrypt and verify email only and a follow on release
>>> which includes anonymization and messaging will be available later in
>>> 2017/2018."
>>> Was this deliberately put on the back burner until more progress was
>>> made about Thunderbird++?
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