Are most of the existing add-ons being sacrificed due to adding support for WebExtension?

Eric Moore emoore at
Wed Nov 22 03:08:31 UTC 2017

"In general, there have been many interface/IDL changes over the 
mozilla57/58/59 period and some changes to JS syntax that most add-ons 
will require some sort of update to their code. That will distinguish 
the "maintained" add-ons from the "unmaintained" add-ons some/most of 
which will stop working.



Who made the decision to essentially kill off legacy add-ons and when 
was it made?

Who was aware of that decision?

Why wasn't this treated as a strategic decision that needed 
feedback/discussion like was done with getting a new home?

A lot of what makes Thunderbird so popular is its large collection of 
user developed add-ons. My impression is that many users have given up 
due to poor doc., too frequent changes to interfaces, and uncertainty 
about the direction of add-ons. Look at Paolo "Kaosmos" for example. A 
cookbook on how to convert a legacy add-on and migrate to a new add-ons 
web site isn't going to change that.

What is the plan to deal with the bad publicity when web sites like hear of this?

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