Are most of the existing add-ons being sacrificed due to adding support for WebExtension?

Tony Mechelynck antoine.mechelynck at
Wed Nov 22 00:46:17 UTC 2017

Also, the SeaMonkey developers have expressed a willingness to go on
supporting XUL add-ons "as far as possible" in the future; but it is
no secret that the SeaMonkey team is horribly undermanned and that
between "we want to" and "we will" there is a difference, at times an
insuperable one. Acting on the above-mentioned "willingness" may
require moving into the application itself the code for Lightning,
ChatZilla and DOM Inspector, which have until now been built as
extensions distributed together with SeaMonkey but in "legacy XPI"
format. I believe that the newly-found "independence" of Firefox (and
of its "Core" and "Toolkit" backends) in relation to all other
historically Gecko-based applications affects SeaMonkey and
Thunderbird (and their separate and common add-ons) more or less
equally badly in this respect.

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