Revisting the "Thunderbird’s Future Home" blog post

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir at
Mon Nov 20 17:53:23 UTC 2017


As part of the applications team at Tor Project, we are brainstorming ideas of
working on a secure email bundle that would allow users to send and receive
email over the Tor network. To give you some context, we have a project called
TorBirdy which is basically an add-on for Thunderbird that configures it to
make connections over Tor and does some other security and privacy

But this is just the extension and we are thinking of packaging it with Tor
and shipping our own build of Thunderbird (with other privacy enhancements),
much like we do for Tor Browser using Firefox. So the idea is to ship Tor; Tor
Launcher; Thunderbird; TorBirdy; Enigmail, all packed in one bundle... at
least that's the plan. (There will be chat support as well as part of the
bundle, ported over from Tor Messenger as Instantbird is no longer

The only thing of concern is the future of Thunderbird, and hence this email.
I did go through the blog post:

While it ends on a positive note, I wanted to follow up and see if there was
an update regarding this. Thunderbird meets our requirements but the only
thing that is keeping us from pursuing the project is the future of
Thunderbird itself. The fear is that if we base the product on Thunderbird and
then it goes away -- that is something we would like to avoid.

In case I missed the proper resource which talks about the current status and
the planned transitions (if any), please point me to it.

Thank you,


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