p≡p foundation and Enigmail

Eric Moore emoore at fastmail.fm
Mon Nov 20 16:05:47 UTC 2017

What happened to the joint development efforts with the p≡p foundation? 
I thought further discussion was being delayed until a new home was 
chosen (done) and a beta of a Enigmail release that supports p≡p was 
available. There doesn't appear to be any version of a Enigmail release 
that supports p≡p after over 2 years.

https://enigmail.net/index.php/en/home/news/29-enigmail-pep states that 
Enigmail was  partnering with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) for a release in 
December 2015. https://prettyeasyprivacy.com/faq/ states "Enigmail/p≡p 
will be available in the summer 2017. These first releases will encrypt 
and verify email only and a follow on release which includes 
anonymization and messaging will be available later in 2017/2018."

Was this deliberately put on the back burner until more progress was 
made about Thunderbird++?

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