Thunderbird Governance 2018 - Council Elections

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Sat Nov 11 14:32:24 UTC 2017

Wayne Mery wrote on 11.11.17 07:08:
> On 11/10/2017 8:27 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> 2 questions that I would also be interested in to be answered by the 
>> community:
>> * Which problems for Thunderbird as a whole would you like the 
>> Council to address?
>> * How do you see the TB Council? What do they do well? In which ways 
>> and areas does the TB Council need to improve?
>> (Please do not feel that you are not involved enough in the project 
>> to answer these questions. I'd like to hear even from those of you 
>> who only use Thunderbird as end user. Let's give everybody a fair 
>> slice of the voice, and accept other people's voices as they are.)
>> Ben Bucksch 
> I hope no one takes offense, but what you are asking is part of a 
> future set of questions (as the original posting of this thread 
> states, there WILL be future requests for feedback), and so this and 
> other topics are out of scope for the current topic.

Ah, OK, sorry, I didn't understand that. Let's hold on this part, then, 
until we move on to that.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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