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The Thunderbird Council 
<> is 
asking the community for feedback about Thunderbird governance, which 
will be considered in designing the future of the council.  We encourage 
you to help publicize this effort by posting this message in its 
entirety in other venues frequented by Thunderbird users.

We are splitting our requests for feedback into manageable pieces, each 
of which will cover different aspects of governance. This is the first 
message of a short series over the coming weeks. This first request is 
for feedback specifically on the *method of conducting elections*. 
  Future messages will cover other topics, for example composition of 
the Council.

Background - Past Elections

The following is a summary of past elections.  To date three councils 
have been elected, each using a different process.  In 2014 the first 
Thunderbird Council of seven was elected 
by a typical nomination process of those present and simple majority 
vote at a fall summit meeting of 22 very active Thunderbird contributors.

In fall 2015 discussion began in tb-planning for the second council, in 
such subjects as  "Council Elections" and "Reorganizing the Council", 
with a goal of having the community elect the council.  Voting in 
February 2016 used the following process 
"The existing Council will serve as a nominating committee, and recruit 
candidates who agree to serve on a renewed Council. (This could be 
existing Council members or new people.) This slate of candidates would 
then be presented to tb-planning for a single vote [by anyone active on 
tb-planning], much like the one a year ago, to see if there is 
consensus.".  The slate and voting process was announced 
and the results also posted on tb-planning 

In 2017 the third council election process 
established a public list of electors, who are active project 
contributors per criteria defined by the Council.  Electors discussed on 
the tb-election mailing list, and then nominated and voted to seat seven 
council members using “ranked choice” with the STV method. Results were 
announced on tb-planning 
<>. The 
election was run by volunteers who were not members of the council. The 
council was pleased with the results, and there were no major complaints 
from the community.

2018 Elections

In this message we are looking for your feedback on the 2018 election 
process, namely nominating and voting for council members.  Feedback 
will be reviewed by the council, the results summarized back to the 
community and used by the Thunderbird Council to inform the process to 
be used in the 2018 election.Please send feedback (idea or concern) with 
subject "Thunderbird Governance 2018 - Council Elections" (the subject 
of this email) to governance at, *NOT tb-planning*. Please 
formulate your feedback as a problem statement 
with or without a potential solution.

For example, you might offer feedback on defining the electorate, as in 
the past this has been a challenging aspect of the process.

"The electorate of 2017, while being inclusive, did not include 
population X, and they should be included because of reason Y. And here 
is how you might identify or define this population...”

Additionally, we encourage you to respond if you think the previous 
procedure used was adequate, so we can properly gauge the opinion of the 
community for electing the Council.

Please send your response by Monday November 20.  Please post this 
message in its entirety in other venues frequented by Thunderbird users.

Thank you for your interest in Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird Council

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