Skepticism about a new Electron-based product

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri May 12 18:45:51 UTC 2017

R Kent James wrote on 12.05.2017 20:09:
> I've followed Myk Melez <>'s attempts at variants 
> of Gecko that are not browsers, but as far as I can tell none have 
> gotten any traction (Positron, qbrt, Headless Firefox). It's not clear 
> to me that MoCo has interest in anything other than Firefox, and 
> attempts to "go faster" and "focus" seem to encourage people to 
> actively disengage from any effort that is not focused on a better 
> Firefox. I don't mean that as a criticism, after all Firefox has its 
> own difficult race to run, but we have to face reality. ...
> But just as Firefox has a difficult race to run, so does Thunderbird. 
> Electron is available today, with lots of tutorials and support, and a 
> rapidly growing ecosystem. In contrast, as Myk says, "qbrt is immature 
> and unstable!". It would be great if Mozilla would embrace qbrt or a 
> related project, and encourage Thunderbird to be the early demo of 
> that. Hopefully now we will at least be invited to those discussions. ...
> So from the Thunderbird perspective, I would say that there is no 
> decision to use Electron as the base of Thunderbird++, and I would 
> hope that a decision on that would be delayed until considerably more 
> experience is gained with the alternatives. We would welcome more 
> engagement with the Mozilla platform team on how to effectively use 
> Gecko technologies instead.

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