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Hi Philipp.

I get your points and it is good that project does not maintain a close
mind about other long term goals.

Even if including Riot on Thunderbird may be not possible (technical,
license, or any kind of issue), I still think that the idea is good. Not
specifically Riot, but how Matrix/Riot, Slack or Discord are working on
these days focusing on being a "collaboration tool" and not just a chat. If
there are people that haven't use it or just don't want to see those tools
without even evaluating it, they are just missing an idea on how to improve

Currently Thunderbird has a very limited chat functionality. For example
I'm really trying to use it for twitter (with three twitter accounts) but
it is so limited and slow that just locks the rest of the Thunderbird

I know that today's priority is e-mail and to release a new Thunderbird,
but don't dismiss other ideas for the future yet.


On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 10:41 AM, Patrick Cloke <patrick at> wrote:

> On 5/5/17 10:34 PM, Qwerty Chouskie wrote:
> Is there any chance of having
> integration?
> Current Thunderbird nightlies (and the upcoming beta of Thunderbird 54)
> [0] actually have support for the Matrix protocol ( is just a web
> interface for that protocol) [1]. It's current preffed off [2] because the
> integration isn't complete [3], but there will be a Google Summer of Code
> student working on finishing it up this summer [4]. Hopefully it will be
> turned on for the next ESR!
>    - It's open, privacy-friendly, etc.
>    - It's well made
>    - It's written using Web technologies (Javascript, etc), and runs in
>    the browser
>    - It could ease the implementation of the chat component by providing
>    a solid base, thus only needing to implement other protocols (IRC, XMPP,
>    twitter, etc) on top of it
> I don't think this would help, I doubt the the codebase would
> give us any sort of foundation to write additional protocols on top of. We
> already have JavaScript implementations of IRC, XMPP and Twitter.
>    - It would make TB:NG
> *more than just another email client.  It would be an email
>    client+"Slack"+"Google Hangouts" all on one free, privacy-friendly,
>    easy-to-use program. *
> I think integration could bring a lot to the table for both
> Thunderbird and  Thunderbird already sees a lot of corporate
> use, think of how much more it could see if it served the role of a email
> program *and* a messaging program (Slack) *and* a voice/video
> communications program (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc).  Less programs to
> keep up-to-date, less accounts to deal with, no messy EULAs to deal with,
> easier for everyone in the end.
> I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of using distributed communication!
> No major silos to buy into, but I don't know if this would cause
> corporations to adopt Thunderbird more readily.
> --Patrick
> [0] See
> [1]
> [2] You can set "chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable" to "false" to enable it.
> [3]
> product=Chat%20Core&bug_status=__open__&list_id=13573298
> [4]
> code-2017-matrix-protocol/
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