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Sat May 6 02:34:22 UTC 2017

I keep thinking I should write some really good, convincing email, but I keep not doing it, so I'll just make it simple.

Is there any chance of having<> integration?

  *   It's open, privacy-friendly, etc.
  *   It's well made
  *   It's written using Web technologies (Javascript, etc), and runs in the browser
  *   It could ease the implementation of the chat component by providing a solid base, thus only needing to implement other protocols (IRC, XMPP, twitter, etc) on top of it
  *   It would make TB:NG more than just another email client.  It would be an email client+"Slack"+"Google Hangouts" all on one free, privacy-friendly, easy-to-use program.

I think integration could bring a lot to the table for both Thunderbird and  Thunderbird already sees a lot of corporate use, think of how much more it could see if it served the role of a email program and a messaging program (Slack) and a voice/video communications program (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc).  Less programs to keep up-to-date, less accounts to deal with, no messy EULAs to deal with, easier for everyone in the end.

TB:NG would be more than just another email program, it would be an Free, privacy-friendly communications hub.

Thunderbird user
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