[Council Meeting] Thunderbird Projects, Community Manager Update, Financial Home

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> *Subject:*[Council Meeting] Thunderbird Projects, Community Manager Update, 
> Financial Home
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> Hello Community,
> Time flies when you are discussing Thunderbird -- Lightning fast (ba dum tss). We 
> had another meeting last Friday discussing the the hiring situation and the 
> financial home announcement. Sorry for the delay in posting this, tomorrow is our 
> next meeting already.
> To start off, Kent gave us some insights into a project he is working on that 
> relates to Thunderbird. He is working with a group of inmates at Clallam Bay 
> Corrections Center in an effort to improve their chances of gaining employment after 
> their sentences have ended.
> They will be working on Thunderbird and Lightning in an effort to modernize the 
> code, essentially helping us in our efforts to secure Thunderbird’s future. The 
> tasks will start fairly small by converting existing code (e.g. use of ES6 classes, 
> async/await instead of Task.jsm), the level you’d expect as a good first bug. 
> Afterwards they will be working on more complicated issues.
this is amazing. I think this a great example for an unexpected way that open source 
can do something good in the world.

My hats off to you Kent!

> Of course the method of development is quite different than you’d expect from the 
> average contributor. The inmates cannot search for documentation until they have 
> found out how the tools work. They don’t have internet access to find solutions on 
> Stack Overflow. They cannot interact with the Thunderbird community through bugzilla 
> or mailing lists to ask questions. When committing patches, they cannot just push to 
> hg.mozilla.org. Kent will be gathering the required documentation, teaching the 
> inmates the tools of the trade, pre-reviewing the code and will serve as an 
> intermediate to get their work into the product.
> It is most important that there is public record of each inmate’s contributions, 
> this will be their reference when applying for jobs. Therefore each contributor will 
> commit their work using a separate account that Kent will operate on their behalf. I 
> think this is a very exciting project and am eager to hear more about their progress.
Sounds difficult, with the added limitations on working offline. Thanks again Kent for 
investing the time in this - you should probably have an intern helping you!

> Next we discussed the community manager position. We have made progress in defining 
> the role, but there is still some disagreement as to which parts of the role will 
> pay off. We do agree that having someone on this role will help amplify our 
> community and ensure that willing volunteers have all the tools they need to get 
> started. The job requisition will be updated after some final discussions via email, 
> I will send you the link as soon as possible.

Good news. My most important questions: are you still thinking of this being a part 
time offer?


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