[Council Meeting] Thunderbird Projects, Community Manager Update, Financial Home

Philipp Kewisch kewisch at thunderbird.net
Thu May 4 18:52:35 UTC 2017

Hello Community,

Time flies when you are discussing Thunderbird -- Lightning fast (ba dum
tss). We had another meeting last Friday discussing the the hiring
situation and the financial home announcement. Sorry for the delay in
posting this, tomorrow is our next meeting already.

To start off, Kent gave us some insights into a project he is working on
that relates to Thunderbird. He is working with a group of inmates at
Clallam Bay Corrections Center in an effort to improve their chances of
gaining employment after their sentences have ended.

They will be working on Thunderbird and Lightning in an effort to
modernize the code, essentially helping us in our efforts to secure
Thunderbird’s future. The tasks will start fairly small by converting
existing code (e.g. use of ES6 classes, async/await instead of
Task.jsm), the level you’d expect as a good first bug. Afterwards they
will be working on more complicated issues.

Of course the method of development is quite different than you’d expect
from the average contributor. The inmates cannot search for
documentation until they have found out how the tools work. They don’t
have internet access to find solutions on Stack Overflow. They cannot
interact with the Thunderbird community through bugzilla or mailing
lists to ask questions. When committing patches, they cannot just push
to hg.mozilla.org. Kent will be gathering the required documentation,
teaching the inmates the tools of the trade, pre-reviewing the code and
will serve as an intermediate to get their work into the product.

It is most important that there is public record of each inmate’s
contributions, this will be their reference when applying for jobs.
Therefore each contributor will commit their work using a separate
account that Kent will operate on their behalf. I think this is a very
exciting project and am eager to hear more about their progress.

Next we discussed the community manager position. We have made progress
in defining the role, but there is still some disagreement as to which
parts of the role will pay off. We do agree that having someone on this
role will help amplify our community and ensure that willing volunteers
have all the tools they need to get started. The job requisition will be
updated after some final discussions via email, I will send you the link
as soon as possible.

As a side note, our position for a build engineer is still open. We have
received almost 50 applications and will soon triage them to see if
there are viable candidates. If you are interested, or know someone who
could be a good fit, this does not mean you shouldn't apply. Be
confident, I am sure you are at least as awesome as those that have applied.

Finally, we had some concluding discussions on our financial home
announcement. Our position has not changed, but we made some minor
changes to ensure that the post accurately conveys our decision and
reflects recent discussions with involved parties. These changes needed
a final sign-off before we can publish, we will make the announcement

Philipp -- on behalf of the Thunderbird Council
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