harry harry_cube at
Tue May 2 08:53:37 UTC 2017

I have another suggestion to increase  the amount of donations:

Thunderbird's 'donation page' is only visible to users when 
Thunderbird's cache is cleared. And: probably for the most part, users  
never do such a clearing of the cache. I myself hadn't seen this page 
for quite a while until I started to use ccleaner which as a standard 
cleans up Thunderbird's cache. (Never used TB's function in 
'preferences->advanced->storage:  clear cache' -- I just looked this up 
and didn't know TB had such a function).

I take care of the computer of some family members, so they use 
Thunderbird and - since a shorter time - also this cache-clearing 
function of ccleaner, and what I can tell is that seeing this page 
prompted them to make a donation to Thunderbird.

So my suggestion is:  make Thunderbird's 'donation page' automatically 
visible in the wake of installing an update of TB.  As of now, people 
never get to see this page.  Many would actually be ready to give if 
they only knew about.


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