More users = More support requests

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Fri Mar 31 07:03:20 UTC 2017

We're actively moving away from in-product browsing, with most parts like 
search inside a Thunderbird content tab already removed. We may have rendering 
capabilities but Thunderbird needs to focus on being an email client. Can't 
try to be a great browser at the same time.


On 28.3.2017 11:08, Axel Grude wrote:
> Looks great, but opens in s browser window (Earlybird 50.0a2). As long as we 
> still have Gecko on board I would really prefer this in a content tab (fully 
> integrated with the tabbed browsing experience). What is the general thrust 
> are we still embracing that we have  the browser on board for displaying 
> online information or should the move be away from that and trust that the 
> user prefers his browser?

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