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Just to chime in if the council is so interested I could connect the
council with a number of friends and colleagues including MoCo Alumni who
have done Community Management professionally
as I think it would be important to consult someone who has worn such a hat
on OSS to build a good job description to ensure TB gets the perfect
candidate but also gets good value out of the candidate it hires or
contracts with.

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 5:16 AM, Philipp Kewisch <mozilla at> wrote:

> Dear Thunderbird Community,
> On Thursday the new Thunderbird Council met the first time to discuss
> how we want to spend the next term. We all agree there is a lot to do
> and we need to make sure that there is noticeable progress within the
> next months.
> First of all, we started with some administrative issues. As the council
> is newly formed, the roles that needed to be filled were the council
> chair, the treasurer, and a secretary that makes sure that all decisions
> are documented. I am pleased to announce the following results:
> * Philipp Kewisch will serve as council chair, replacing Magnus Melin
> * Kent James will continue to serve as the treasurer
> * The chair will also serve as secretary and document decisions
> I would like to thank Kent for taking the time to continue his role and
> Magnus for his previous work as the council chair. I am honored to have
> support from my fellow council members and look forward to serving the
> community in this role.
> Further on, we started discussion around hiring more contractors to
> allow us to make progress with Thunderbird. While there are many roles
> needed, it would be impossible to hire for all of them at once. We
> therefore will follow a layered approach of hiring by priority.
> We have determined that aside from the infrastructure engineer we have
> already hired, it is important to have someone available for build and
> release work. This capacity is required to empower the community to make
> progress with Thunderbird. Without working releases, contributions by
> the community cannot be presented to our users. Aside from attending to
> the build issues we face with almost every beta and release, the goal
> should be to move to a more modern release runner, which could be
> TaskCluster. The details are not yet determined.
> We will also be looking to hire a community manager. With this position
> we aim to make the project more accessible to Thunderbird users. The
> community manager would be responsible for making sure contributors feel
> welcome and have access to the information they need to get started. In
> addition this contractor will be writing blog posts and using social
> media to interact with both contributors and users to keep them informed
> about Thunderbird's progress and involve them in community activities.
> This role could either be part time as a pure community manager, or full
> time where the second part would be an administrative support role to
> the council.
> As a next step we will be creating job requisitions for these roles and
> start the process required to get this approved. If you know someone
> that would come into consideration for this role, please give them a
> heads up that we will soon be hiring. There are also further roles we
> are considering. We've scheduled another meeting next week where we will
> continue our discussion around hiring and delve into other topics for
> the future of Thunderbird.
> We will keep you posted on our discussions so you can follow along. If
> you have feedback please do let us know, we are looking forward to
> hearing from you.
> -- Philipp, on behalf of the Thunderbird Council
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