More users = More support requests

R Kent James kent at
Tue Mar 28 06:49:58 UTC 2017

On 3/27/2017 11:19 AM, BA wrote:

> I think that then one of the first to dos should be to identify who are our supporters. Do our contributions come from individuals, SMEs or larger companies? This should be an important element of the strategy going forward. Do we know how the different segments (individuals vs SME vs large company vs government,…) contribute to our monthly or yearly funding - I do know that we have a geographic breakdown but I have not seen any communication as to the donors’ profiles. If we do not know, we need to find a way to collect that information.

Unfortunately due to Mozilla privacy concerns, I do not have access to 
any specific information on donors. What I can say is that, for example, 
for the last 30 days reports mention about $53,000 in donations 
(strangely official numbers typically come in 15% higher), the highest 
are 6 in the range $152.74 - $383.66. That is, the vast majority of 
donations are small (average size of $14.35). Looking at per-country 
results, countries with I assume more corporate users (like France and 
Japan) have lower per-user average donation results than the US, which 
is strong in individual users (though that could be cultural issues). So 
the sketchy evidence that I have is that donations are mostly from 
individual users. We can say for certain that it is many small donors, 
and not a few large donors, that are the source of the income.

I've got a Mailchimp list now with about 7500 subscribers of people who 
have donated and agreed to sign up for this, so there is an ability to 
contact donors specifically that I have only used once.


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