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Matt Harris at
Mon Mar 27 21:58:16 UTC 2017

On 3/28/17 6:18 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>> Matt Harris wrote on 24.03.2017 18:27:
>>> /I think all this relies on a powerful replacement for the XUL 
>>> treeview.  Do we have one now?
>>> /
>> Indeed, this is needed.
>> I've once found a "fast-list" or similar on github, that goes in that 
>> direction. But no, we don't have it now. As mentioned, I have a plan 
>> how to do it, but I haven't realized it yet. That's one of the things 
>> we'd need to create as part of the framework.
>> That problem is inherent, because the XUL <tree> widget was 
>> originally written specifically for Thunderbird. Firefox didn't need 
>> it. And it might also go away now, if Firefox doesn't need it anymore.
> FWIW, I think a lot of the web would profit from a widget like that - 
> so if we can implement something like it as e.g. a web component, I 
> think there may be some interest in taking this as a base for a web 
> standard with an in-browser widget in the future - IMHO, this is one 
> of the biggest pieces HTML is lacking to become a really useful UI 
> language nowadays.
> KaiRo 
/At the risk of being a heretic, it would be useful in a "web 
basedThunderbird" if all the browsers implemented the tree we wanted to 
use as well. (android app perhaps?)
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