More users = More support requests

Roland moco Tanglao rtanglao at
Sat Mar 25 02:56:54 UTC 2017

Hear Hear! Thank-you Thunderbird support team: Bruce, Matt, Wayne, 
Tonnes, and all who work for Thunderbird (in no particular order) on 
support and on devops, testing, software development, marketing, 
finance, adminstration and everything else!!


On 3/24/17 4:03 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Jörg, while you are right that nobody is entitled to support for free 
> software....
> and you are right that developers cannot participate in end user 
> support (that's not your role, indeed)...
> please thank Bruce and others who tireless spend their own free time 
> to help others. I think that's something great and beautiful.
> Thank you, SUMO team!
> Ben
> Jörg Knobloch wrote on 23.03.2017 09:39:
>> On 23/03/2017 08:11, Onno Ekker wrote:
>>> Bugzilla is good for filing bugs or enhancement requests, but it is 
>>> not meant for support. I see a lot of bugs lately being closed with 
>>> the remark that it's not intended for support and the reporter is 
>>> being directed to sumo.
>> Correct. I am doing a lot of this. I try my best to give some hints 
>> on BMO, but we don't have resources to give support there. We don't 
>> even have enough resources to triage bugs for that matter.
>> If I get a bug like:
>>  1. Can't receive e-mail
>>  2. Can't receive e-mail after upgrade to new version
>> all I can really do is close this bug and refer it back to SUMO. 
>> That's better than ignoring it.
>> While I understand that it would be nice that all users receive free, 
>> competent support with the options for supports to escalate 
>> questions, I don't really quite agree with the concept.
>> Sure, the software is free of charge, but does that mean that all 
>> services related to that software need to be free of charge? Maybe 
>> I'm mistaken, but where do I find free Android support for example? 
>> Or just because I have free access to the beach and the sea, am I 
>> suddenly entitled to free swimming or diving lessons or do I get free 
>> support when my spade breaks when building a sand castle?
>> There are soooo many small businesses using Thunderbird, I see it 
>> daily on BMO. Do we need to provide free software and free services 
>> to those businesses so they can make money?
>> I think the user co-op model that Kent keeps suggesting tirelessly 
>> makes a whole lot of sense. The software is free to use for everyone, 
>> and we strive to keep it easy-to-use and error free, but extra 
>> services can't be free since they need to be tailored to the 
>> individual case. Yes, users donate, but those donations, currently at 
>> least, go towards securing the existence of Thunderbird. Sure, if one 
>> day we were to turn over millions, we should certainly beef-up our 
>> support effort.
>> Jörg.
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