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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Mar 24 12:23:34 UTC 2017

Robert Kaiser wrote on 22.03.2017 16:24:
> Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>> Because I think most users already have an existing email address [...]
> We really need to eliminate the "I think" when it comes to UI design 
> and replace it with actual data.

OK, go ahead. If anybody wants to make the test:

Go to the city center, stop 10 random people on the street, and ask them 
whether they already have an email address.

(which is the claim you're citing above) (Of course mention that it's a 
survey, you don't need to know the address :) )

If you want to take it further, ask them whether they are happy with it. 
If not, ask them why. Write down the reasons. Then classify them as "UI 
problem with the webmail interface" or "provider problem with the actual 
mail servers, storage space, or spam filters". If they are unhappy with 
the webmail, ask them whether they would like to try out a much better 
interface, but keep their existing email address to stay in contact with 
their friends.

BTW: That same approach might also be one way to find new users 
(outreach), which was the OP.

FWIW, when I write "I think", it's based on discussions with lots of 
people in real life, most of which are not from the computing world. The 
English expression "I think" is an expression of humility which leaves 
room to be proven wrong.


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