New Council Roles and Hiring Update

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at
Fri Mar 24 12:16:48 UTC 2017

Dear Thunderbird Community,

On Thursday the new Thunderbird Council met the first time to discuss
how we want to spend the next term. We all agree there is a lot to do
and we need to make sure that there is noticeable progress within the
next months.

First of all, we started with some administrative issues. As the council
is newly formed, the roles that needed to be filled were the council
chair, the treasurer, and a secretary that makes sure that all decisions
are documented. I am pleased to announce the following results:

* Philipp Kewisch will serve as council chair, replacing Magnus Melin
* Kent James will continue to serve as the treasurer
* The chair will also serve as secretary and document decisions

I would like to thank Kent for taking the time to continue his role and
Magnus for his previous work as the council chair. I am honored to have
support from my fellow council members and look forward to serving the
community in this role.

Further on, we started discussion around hiring more contractors to
allow us to make progress with Thunderbird. While there are many roles
needed, it would be impossible to hire for all of them at once. We
therefore will follow a layered approach of hiring by priority.

We have determined that aside from the infrastructure engineer we have
already hired, it is important to have someone available for build and
release work. This capacity is required to empower the community to make
progress with Thunderbird. Without working releases, contributions by
the community cannot be presented to our users. Aside from attending to
the build issues we face with almost every beta and release, the goal
should be to move to a more modern release runner, which could be
TaskCluster. The details are not yet determined.

We will also be looking to hire a community manager. With this position
we aim to make the project more accessible to Thunderbird users. The
community manager would be responsible for making sure contributors feel
welcome and have access to the information they need to get started. In
addition this contractor will be writing blog posts and using social
media to interact with both contributors and users to keep them informed
about Thunderbird's progress and involve them in community activities.
This role could either be part time as a pure community manager, or full
time where the second part would be an administrative support role to
the council.

As a next step we will be creating job requisitions for these roles and
start the process required to get this approved. If you know someone
that would come into consideration for this role, please give them a
heads up that we will soon be hiring. There are also further roles we
are considering. We've scheduled another meeting next week where we will
continue our discussion around hiring and delve into other topics for
the future of Thunderbird.

We will keep you posted on our discussions so you can follow along. If
you have feedback please do let us know, we are looking forward to
hearing from you.

-- Philipp, on behalf of the Thunderbird Council

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