More users = More support requests

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at
Fri Mar 24 12:14:10 UTC 2017

On 3/24/17 7:50 AM, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
> "the issue of support will have to be discussed"
> When?
> After every other issue is addressed, and all the money is spent?
> I am trying to get you people to discuss the issue of support now,
> while the new Thunderbird organization is still in the planning
> stages.  Everyone here only talks about support as "something to be
> discussed", but nobody seems willing to actually discuss it.  What
> that tells me is that no one is really interested in the end user.

Hi Bruce,

I understand the answer you received is not satisfying, and we would
love to give you a more actionable answer. Support is definitely an area
that is equally important to us and we would like to provide our support
contributors with the tools they need to give users a satisfying answer.
It was mentioned that this is something to be discussed, because we
don't have a good answer at the moment.

A few minutes ago I sent out an email what we discussed in the first
call with our new council team. Part of that is hiring a community
manager to interface with contributors of all kinds. We haven't defined
the exact requirements yet, but I could imagine that part of this work
would be to make sure support contributors have an effective escalation

However, support is an area where we need your help, and the help of
others interested in helping our users. Thunderbird can't strive without
strong contributors like yourself. Maybe you can start by compiling a
list of issue types where you commonly need an escalation path? We
should then find other contributors willing to write a knowledge base
article on those topics.

The Thunderbird Council itself is just a small team and there are many
important issues to discuss, but with an army of contributors we can
make great progress on all the issues that affect Thunderbird.

Kind Regards,

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