More users = More support requests => YouTube Channel?

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Fri Mar 24 11:33:24 UTC 2017

Hi Bruce,

On my own I have only limited capacity but we could produce a monthly YouTube video 
that shows important concepts on how to use / fix Thunderbird if you / someone can 
elect / suggest some worth-while topics (*). If there is a public support forum we 
could promote this via the YT channel as well. If we had more people collaborating we 
could then produce more content.

A Q&A style thing might also be an option. The hardest thing is always the scripting; 
(well editing / recording is hard too, but that's mainly time consuming). I firmly 
believe videos are very important for promoting Thunderbird and showing how to work 
with it. I think this sort of resource is usually best to inspire users to help 

[Anybody interested in this] contact me off list if you think this might be a good idea.


(*) I have to admit this stuff is really hard to do with just a one-man-show. 
Collaboration or a team usually fast tracks and focuses this.

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On 24/03/2017 06:50, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
> On 2017-Mar-23 4:38 pm, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
>> On 23/03/2017 20:52, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
>>>> Sure, the software is free of charge, but does that mean that all services 
>>>> related to that software need to be free of charge?
>>> Does this mean that you would support changing the official Thunderbird support 
>>> from free to paid?
>> I was questioning whether all support at all levels should be free.
>> As Thunderbird moves more and more towards independence, the issue of support will 
>> have to be discussed as well. As I said, I personally don't see why we should help 
>> businesses with their problems for free. I can't say what the exact model should 
>> be, that's subject to discussion. Personally I think that Kent's idea of a user 
>> co-op has appeal, where members have more rights than non-members.
>> Note that this is only my personal opinion.
>> Jörg.
> "the issue of support will have to be discussed"
> When?
> After every other issue is addressed, and all the money is spent?
> I am trying to get you people to discuss the issue of support now, while the new 
> Thunderbird organization is still in the planning stages.  Everyone here only talks 
> about support as "something to be discussed", but nobody seems willing to actually 
> discuss it. What that tells me is that no one is really interested in the end user.
> I certainly agree that there are a great many things about the Thunderbird e-mail 
> client that needs to be fixed or improved, but there is no way you are going to fix 
> everything so that people will not need help.  My focus the past few months has been 
> to try to help those people (the end user), that you all would rather ignore.
> Accepting the current support scheme (which has problems as I mentioned), with no 
> real plan to improve it does not sit well with me.  I find little motivation in 
> continue to doing what you all seem to abhor, or just plain ignore, which is 
> interacting with the end user to help them.
> I've stated what I think needs to happen with support.  I'm sorry I cannot help you 
> all try to figure out how to make that happen.
> Since I'm the only one who is pressing this issue, it is logical to assume that the 
> issue is not important.  That I am at fault. So I am going to start a hiatus from 
> all things Thunderbird now, so I can come at this all later with a fresher point of 
> view, hopefully.
> If any of you really care about supporting the end user, I recommend that you talk 
> to the other people who have been consistently helping those users.  I'm sure that 
> some of you will not know who they are:
> Airmail (
> MattAuSupport (
> sfhowes (
> Toad-Hall (
> Zenos (
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