'Is Thunderbird dead and other FAQ'

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at jorgk.com
Fri Mar 24 11:22:56 UTC 2017

On 24/03/2017 03:07, Eric Moore wrote:
> I do not believe Thunderbird is "Alive and Well!". I think its in 
> intensive care. We don't even have a working import wizard for 
> Outlook, Eudora and Apple Mail anymore. Even worse, nobody seems to be 
> making a fuss about it despite how many years?
Eudora is dead and Eudora import was removed. Yes, it is unfortunate 
that Outlook and Apple Mail import don't work. (For Outlook import an 
older version of TB can be used since it's not a common task.)

> Yes, some users who don't understand what a email client is expect 
> Thunderbird to provide them an account. But whats being offered does a 
> terrible job of dealing with that. I'd argue that if we really think 
> that we need to provide an existing account in Thunderbird than we 
> should find some way of automating getting a free webmail account with 
> major free email providers such as gmail, outlook, gmx and zoho, 
> transparently setting any required settings such as "allow less secure 
> apps" and then let it leverage the remainder of the new account wizard 
> to add the POP/IMAP account.
Just for fun and since we landed a bug refactoring the accounts 
provision a bit, I actually tried this yesterday. I typed "jorgk" into 
the search box and the cheapest I got offered was contact at jorgk.xyz for 
1,20 € excl. VAT/year. I agree that this is a *terrible* job.

> 7) The Thunderbird section of Mozilla add-ons is littered with many 
> add-ons that claim to be unusable with Thunderbird, a search always 
> searches Firefox add-ons too despite the user specifying Thunderbird, 
> and not every add-on on that web site is also available from tools -> 
> add-ons -> get add-ons in Thunderbird.  If we can't even manage our 
> own add-ons store what does that say about how viable our organization 
> is?
Well, we must be in really good shape, since managing our own add-ons 
store is actively being discussed as part of the transition away from 
Mozilla (and since AMO will drop anything but web extensions soon).


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