More users = More support requests

Philippe VIGNEAU cardbook.thunderbird at
Fri Mar 24 07:54:02 UTC 2017

furthermore, I personnally think that we should propose a business offer 
for companies , including support and why not a hosting for their 
emails, contacts and events... If they have an issue or a question, 
companies need to know that they will have an answer

we need a more user-oriented approach...


On 23/03/2017 23:38, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 23/03/2017 20:52, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
>>> Sure, the software is free of charge, but does that mean that all 
>>> services related to that software need to be free of charge?
>> Does this mean that you would support changing the official 
>> Thunderbird support from free to paid?
> I was questioning whether all support at all levels should be free.
> As Thunderbird moves more and more towards independence, the issue of 
> support will have to be discussed as well. As I said, I personally 
> don't see why we should help businesses with their problems for free. 
> I can't say what the exact model should be, that's subject to 
> discussion. Personally I think that Kent's idea of a user co-op has 
> appeal, where members have more rights than non-members.
> Note that this is only my personal opinion.
> Jörg.
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