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Fri Mar 24 06:50:55 UTC 2017

On 2017-Mar-23 4:38 pm, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 23/03/2017 20:52, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
>>> Sure, the software is free of charge, but does that mean that all 
>>> services related to that software need to be free of charge?
>> Does this mean that you would support changing the official 
>> Thunderbird support from free to paid?
> I was questioning whether all support at all levels should be free.
> As Thunderbird moves more and more towards independence, the issue of 
> support will have to be discussed as well. As I said, I personally 
> don't see why we should help businesses with their problems for free. 
> I can't say what the exact model should be, that's subject to 
> discussion. Personally I think that Kent's idea of a user co-op has 
> appeal, where members have more rights than non-members.
> Note that this is only my personal opinion.
> Jörg.

"the issue of support will have to be discussed"


After every other issue is addressed, and all the money is spent?

I am trying to get you people to discuss the issue of support now, while 
the new Thunderbird organization is still in the planning stages.  
Everyone here only talks about support as "something to be discussed", 
but nobody seems willing to actually discuss it.  What that tells me is 
that no one is really interested in the end user.

I certainly agree that there are a great many things about the 
Thunderbird e-mail client that needs to be fixed or improved, but there 
is no way you are going to fix everything so that people will not need 
help.  My focus the past few months has been to try to help those people 
(the end user), that you all would rather ignore.

Accepting the current support scheme (which has problems as I 
mentioned), with no real plan to improve it does not sit well with me.  
I find little motivation in continue to doing what you all seem to 
abhor, or just plain ignore, which is interacting with the end user to 
help them.

I've stated what I think needs to happen with support.  I'm sorry I 
cannot help you all try to figure out how to make that happen.

Since I'm the only one who is pressing this issue, it is logical to 
assume that the issue is not important.  That I am at fault.  So I am 
going to start a hiatus from all things Thunderbird now, so I can come 
at this all later with a fresher point of view, hopefully.

If any of you really care about supporting the end user, I recommend 
that you talk to the other people who have been consistently helping 
those users.  I'm sure that some of you will not know who they are:

Airmail (
sfhowes (
Zenos (

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