More users = More support requests

R Kent James kent at
Thu Mar 23 21:51:48 UTC 2017

On 3/23/2017 1:04 PM, Bruce A. Johnson wrote:
> As for a TB specific domain, that is up to the Council to figure out 
> when and if the BIG CHANGE ever happens.
> Unfortunately, the most obvious domain names are already taken. 
>, are being used by other companies.  I 
> see, though, that is owned by the Mozilla Corporation 
> and is currently being redirected to

Right, we just went through a lot of work to transfer operational 
control of from Mozilla operations to Thunderbird 
operations, and intend to use that as the primary web link for 
Thunderbird. In-product links currently refer to 
but we plan to transfer those to soon.

We are also starting to use the name "Thundernest" where we have broad 
control of many of the related addresses, including .com .org .net, 
twitter, and github. "Thundernest" is intended to be the home for a 
community of people who support the Thunderbird project. is starting to collect 
infrastructure-related repositories.


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