More users = More support requests

Bruce A. Johnson Bruce at
Thu Mar 23 20:04:42 UTC 2017

I mistakenly responded to just Axel, not to the whole list.  Others said 
the same thing on the list, though.

On the Mozilla support website, people can ask a question, now called 
"New Community Post"

And it is there that they choose the "board" to post the question.

Since the change in SUMO software, everyone involved with adjusting that 
software hve been very slow to make this "New Community Post" page 
easily available, but it is not "hidden".

As for a TB specific domain, that is up to the Council to figure out 
when and if the BIG CHANGE ever happens.

Unfortunately, the most obvious domain names are already taken., are being used by other companies. I 
see, though, that is owned by the Mozilla Corporation 
and is currently being redirected to

On 2017-Mar-23 3:02 am, Axel Grude (Axel) wrote:
> Ok, so I stand corrected - but there is a forum on SUMO, not many 
> people know where to find it... I wonder could this be integrated with 
> the Thunderbird help menu? Should it go on a more Tb specific domain, e.g.
> ?
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> Subject: Re: More users = More support requests
> To: Axel Grude
> From: Bruce A. Johnson
> Sent: Thursday, 23/03/2017 00:36:38 00:36 GMT Standard Time {GMT ST} 
> +0000 [Week 12]
>> On 2017-Mar-22 4:48 pm, Axel Grude wrote:
>>> We have an escalation process - it's called bugzilla:
>> Sorry, but incorrect.  Mozilla Bugzilla is for solving bugs in the 
>> program, not for support.  Any and all of the developers/programmers 
>> will vehemently say that.  Most people who ask for support in that 
>> area gets ignored ("this is a duplicate of bug # xxx, which is 
>> labelled as NOTFIX"), or better, recommended to the support forum.
>>> then there is this forum:
>> That forum is not officially supported by Mozilla or the Thunderbird 
>> project.  There may be good people there who want to help, but they 
>> are not the official support who are supposed to have the ears or 
>> attention of those who are involved in the Thunderbird project.
>>> I think there is also a more general forum at
>> More general forums at Mozilla do not deal with Thunderbird, nor do 
>> they want to.  I'm talking about the official Mozilla support forum 
>> for Thunderbird.  If you are unfamiliar with it, then please check it 
>> out:
>> -- 
>> • Bruce A. Johnson in Empress, Alberta, Canada
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