Caspia projects and Thunderbird

Robert Kaiser kairo at
Thu Mar 23 20:56:39 UTC 2017

R Kent James schrieb:
> I've already mentioned one project that we are looking at, which is 
> the broad category of Contact manager.

That I also would have thought of as a good piece to work on, esp. 
something that can speak CardDAV (maybe an internal server can be set up 
and used) and store contacts in a way that is well-compatible with VCard 
(.vcf), which is internally used by CardDAV and a well-established 
standard in the area by itself. This would give them knowledge of 
standard in this area and hopefully use some code that fixes a pain 
point - at least if what they produce can be published in MPL2 (but I 
guess that is a given goal).

> For the group at Clallam Bay, I am leaning toward focusing on the 
> XUL->HTML conversion issue. Again I would look at this more broadly 
> than just the issues in Thunderbird, perhaps developing a library of 
> Web Components that emulate XUL functionality, and can be used both to 
> easily migrate existing XUL to HTML, but also as a separate library 
> for desktop-focused web applications.

A really hard problem is getting something to work in HTML that works 
like a XUL tree, esp. in terms of how fast it is with large amounts of 
data. I like the design of JS-driven XUL trees in terms of API, but HTML 
has nothing like it and everyone designs their own variant of something 
saimilar but not really like it - it would be awesome if a design could 
be found that has a chance to be driven into standards at some point. 
But that probably goes way above the goals for this project.


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