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> from the posting on support in this list:
>> then there is this forum:
> The top post in that forum is called 'Is Thunderbird dead and other FAQ'. It is dated Jan., 2016 and locked.

The thread is 'stickied' (this is why it is on top).

The only thing wrong with that thread is the Title. The content is fine.

I think what you are trying to say is, that the mind doesn't understand
negatives. For example, if you are trying to stop eating junk food by
using 'positive thinking' mind phrases, you don't want to say 'I no
longer desire Junk Food' - the mind ignores the negative aspect, and
reads it as 'I desire Junk Food'. What you should say is 'I only desire
healthy foods'.

So, always state things in the positive/affirmative.

In that light, that thread should be retitled "Thunderbird is Alive and
Well! and other FAQ".
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