New account dialog ... please continue in bug 1349259

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Mar 23 11:13:37 UTC 2017

Lots of great suggestions.  You can follow the action in where the dialog is 
being improved.

Also, someone mentioned using the account dialog to import. To the 
extent that import is supported and works (several types of import where 
disabled in the past few years), this happens today on startup for new 
users with a new profile. Import is not done through the new account dialog.

On 3/22/2017 5:04 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
>> I also I think users less familiar with clients, and email in general, 
>> don't think in terms of "accounts". They just have an email address, 
>> or if they don't they know they need one.  And when they want to use 
>> the email they say I'm going to log in to my email, not log in to my 
>> account.
> Exactly what I thought! Make it "Create new Email Address" or something 
> similar. I would also maybe have two grouping areas, like this:Account 
> Wizard
> Not sure if Radiobuttons is the best choice here for convenience, but 
> they could auto-activate when writing the existing email address / 
> picking the provider. Clarity is important when we give either / or choices.
> thanks,
>    Axel
>> So I generally like the direction of Klaus' wording, but I'd use wording
>>   Connect to existing email address  |  Create a new email address
>> and buttons which are consistent with the wording
>>   Connect  |  Create
>> By offering both in full, you don't need to care about which one needs 
>> more prominence in the UI, nor care which should be offered first. And 
>> we surely have the space to do it.
>> I suggest we skip the messy decisions about which one is more needed 
>> or making assumptions about which might be more popular with users.
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