More users = More support requests

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> *Subject:*More users = More support requests
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> More users = More support requests
> I think that getting more Thunderbird users, improving the initial usability of 
> Thunderbird for the average dunsel computer user, and getting publicity is great.
> Do not forget support, though.  No matter how good you make a program, there will 
> always be people who need help with it. Thunderbird is by no means foolproof, and 
> people get turned off by it all the time because of problems with it.
> Don't just assume that "someone will take care of it", when it comes to support.  
> The bulk of support requests are answered by people like me who have an interest, 
> but who don't know everything there is to know about Thunderbird.  We cannot answer 
> every question.
> I say again that we need an escalation process for support requests.  By "we", I 
> mean the people who answer most of those support requests.  When I don't know how to 
> help, or get stumped, all I can hope is that maybe one of the others will try.

We have an escalation process - it's called bugzilla:

This could be a good starting point:

then there is this forum:

I think there is also a more general forum at


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