AW: Re: Outreach to end users opto at
Wed Mar 22 18:14:54 UTC 2017

Some of the issues currently discussed (like layout of the screens above) hit the user after he has decided to look at TB. Also, he/she will only see those screens once, at setup. It will soon be forgotten how these dialog boxes look like.

Menu, hamburger menu, no menu. What addons are available. How easy is it to use TB in daily life - those questions will stick, everyday. If this is good, the account dialog can afford to be bad. How stable is TB - my Win 10 continues to loose tags, or top inbox folder, or an addressbook.

I think Ben is right - the first reachout to TB needs to look professional. Website, promotion, promises for future (??). Mozilla addons looks unprofessional if it offers outdated addons for TB in a prominent place.

Google should find posts describing the future, not posts talking of being sent away by Mozilla.

Next, ease of daily use will determine whether TB can keep users and whether they will recommend to others.

As for menu: why hide it on a 24 inch screen? I buy the big screen to make my life easier, not wanting to click hamburgers before the actual menu comes up. On my 10 inch detachable? Might be good to hide the menu. So both might be needed.

Good looking (clear, empty screen) with hidden functionality? vs. using the available space for what is needed daily? I am in favour with the Bauhaus architects of early 1900 stating form should follow function.

Yes, we now have all these clear looking apps. Is it what the users want? Or ... do they have any choice or say?

Klaus B

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