Outreach to end users

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Mar 22 11:17:09 UTC 2017

Juergen Fenn wrote on 22.03.2017 07:38:
> Ben, I think the most important challenge for Thunderbird is to re-build
> trust. I am quite grateful that there still are enough developers taking
> the burden to keep TB going, but, as it seems, Firefox is going ahead
> strong and it is not easy to catch up and keep TB building with all
> those changes in Firefox recently and in the near future.


> https://www.heise.de/forum/heise-Security/News-Kommentare/Thunderbird-Mozilla-schliesst-mit-Sicherheitsupdate-kritische-Luecken/Etwas-OT-Thunderbird-auf-dem-Abstellgleis/posting-29724164/show/

I've read through the green forum articles (I'm myself German and a 
vivid reader of heise news), and the bottom line of the posts is: 
Thunderbird is old, has shortcomings, but it's nonetheless the best we 
got. Mozilla wants to get rid of TB, the TB community is doing the best 
they can to keep the ship above water. Good summary?

So, the problem is deeper than marketing. We need to free ourselves from 
Mozilla dependency and revigorate, revitalize the development. Make a 
fresh start. That's exactly what I want to do, and why I wanted to be on 
the council. Everybody, please help us with that. We need you and your 
energy and enthusiasm, and your work and active help.


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