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Wed Mar 22 09:04:32 UTC 2017

> I also I think users less familiar with clients, and email in general, don't think 
> in terms of "accounts". They just have an email address, or if they don't they know 
> they need one.  And when they want to use the email they say I'm going to log in to 
> my email, not log in to my account.

Exactly what I thought! Make it "Create new Email Address" or something similar. I 
would also maybe have two grouping areas, like this:Account Wizard

Not sure if Radiobuttons is the best choice here for convenience, but they could 
auto-activate when writing the existing email address / picking the provider. Clarity 
is important when we give either / or choices.


> So I generally like the direction of Klaus' wording, but I'd use wording
>   Connect to existing email address  |  Create a new email address
> and buttons which are consistent with the wording
>   Connect  |  Create
> By offering both in full, you don't need to care about which one needs more 
> prominence in the UI, nor care which should be offered first. And we surely have the 
> space to do it.
> I suggest we skip the messy decisions about which one is more needed or making 
> assumptions about which might be more popular with users.
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